Our Farm

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Domaine La Falize has been an active farm for many years. From its conversion to organic farming 20 years ago, its activities have been accompanied by a desire to protect biodiversity. Among the measures applied, the planting and maintenance of more than 10 km of hedges promote wild fauna and flora, as well as the allocation of more than 10% of cultivable areas to agri-environmental measures.

Our vision of Agriculture


Organic Agriculture

Organic for the past 20 years.

Understanding at the end of the 1990s that the groundwater supplying the area with water was polluted by pesticides, herbicides and nitrates, we decided to gradually convert the land to organic farming. This decision made it possible to have a better biotope and to encourage several farmers in the region to abandon their conventional practices.

Biodynamic practices

A profound respect for the living.

In 2012, the planting of the La Falize vineyard made it possible to add the principles of biodynamics to our agricultural practices. Thanks to the results observed in the vines and the wine, we generalized these methods to our market gardening activity in 2019. From 2021, they will be generalized throughout the domain, in particular for arable crops. Biodynamic agriculture ensures the health of soils and plants, thus providing healthy food for people and animals.


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Regenerative Agriculture

Our goal

Organic farming requires great efforts to eliminate weeds by avoiding chemical weedkillers. These efforts imply a lot of mechanical interventions and risk exhausting and causing soil erosion. In order to avoid these problems, our practices aim to naturally enhance the quality of soils and preserve their fertility. These practices are based on peasant traditions as well as on current innovations in sustainable agriculture.